Folkestone CLLD Programme

Folkestone CLLD Programme

Folkestone's European-funded Community Programme

Are you a charity, voluntary or public sector organisation or business interested in accessing European funding for projects to help people into work or businesses to grow in central Folkestone?  If so read on. The CLLD initiative is part funded by the ERDF and ESF programmes.

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Shepway District Council is looking to secure European funding for a Folkestone Community Led Local Development (CLLD) Programme to operate from 2017 to 2022.  Our stage 1 application has been successful and we have been invited to submit a full application by the end of January 2017.  If successful, the programme will start later in 2017.

The full application requires evidence of the organisations that will deliver projects that address the needs and issues,  so we need your help to secure this funding. The CLLD initiative is part funded by the ERDF and ESF programmes.

The Programme will focus on residents and businesses in a defined target area within Folkestone, as shown by the outer boundary on the map below.

The Programme will have three objectives and eight actions to address the key issues facing Folkestone

Objective 1 - Enhancing work-readiness and well-being

Action 1: Work experience and job preparation for young people

Action 2: Getting people back into work

Action 3: Promoting emotional and physical well-being

Action 4: Promoting financial wellbeing

Objective 2 - Promoting local business and social enterprise

Action 5: Promotion of social enterprise

Action 6: Support for business start-ups

Action 7: DIY Space /incubation

Objective 3 - Integrated delivery mechanism for the strategy

Action 8: Setting up and operating the Community Hub

If your charity, voluntary, residents or public sector organisation or business has projects or ideas that meet the programme’s objectives and actions, please

Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form


Submit by Friday 6th January 2017 to
Guidance on completing the EOI is available here  Expression of interest guidance form

Other documents that you might find useful are:

Folkestone CLLD Programme Strategy, Nov 2016

ESF Programme for England 2014-20, National Eligibility Rules, March 2016

ESF Operational Programme 2014-20, Programme Guidance, March 2016

ERDF Operational Programme 2014-20 Eligibility Guidance, Sept 2016

ESF Programme 2014-20 Output and Result Definitions, Feb 2016

ERDF Programme 2014-20 Output Definitions, Sept 2015

If we are successful in being awarded this programme, there will be other opportunities to apply for this funding. However, to secure the funding for this programme we need to hear from you now. Even if you only have a germ of an idea for a project please fill in the EOI as much as you can.

Expressions of Interest submitted by 16 December 2017 will be in a good position to access funds promptly when the programme starts.

If you would like any further information about the programme or help in completing the EOI form, please contact