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Under 40 and starting a business in Kent?

Find out how the Kent Foundation can help you

About the Kent Foundation 

The Kent Foundation is a highly valued and trusted community providing a framework of support for young entrepreneurs to take their first steps in business. Experienced business owners in Kent offer mentorship and coaching helping young people make their own decisions and learn the fundamentals of business development whilst boosting their confidence and resilience in business.

Some of the areas of expertise that the Kent Foundation can help you with include…..

Mentorship: A mentor has a wealth of knowledge for you to draw upon and can be a sounding board for your ideas and an accountability buddy to make sure you stick to the plan.

Masterclasses:  In our masterclasses we take a business topic and put together workshops to increase your knowledge and effectiveness.

Masterminds:  A mastermind is when a small group of entrepreneurs come together to help solve each others challenges in business.

Collaboration: Meet other young entrepreneurs at our networking events to make sure everyone feels a part of The Kent Foundation.

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