Folkestone & Hythe High Streets Fund

Folkestone & Hythe High Streets Fund

The F&H High Streets Fund is open for applications

The District Council has established a High Streets grant scheme to support improvements and encourage new and innovative ideas to help our high streets adapt and thrive in the future.

The Folkestone & Hythe High Street Fund was launched in October 2019 with the aim of supporting projects to drive the regeneration of our town centre and high streets.

We offer grants from £5,000 to £50,000 to:

  • Bring high street properties back into commercial use
  • Upgrade and adapt commercial properties which improve their appearance
  • Improve the townscape, such as the introduction of signage, new route ways, new public realm
  • Bring forward initiatives and events to increase the vitality of the high street (For one-time events, a tangible & lasting legacy would need to be demonstrated to be eligible).
  • work towards developing a project as a precursor to a further application to the fund or other funding source.

The grants will cover up to 50% of the total project cost, in normal circumstances, but up to 100% grants will be considered in special cases.

Please note that the high street fund does not pay the VAT element of any costs.

High Streets eligible for grants

The following high streets are eligible for grant funding. The specific properties eligible for funding within these high streets are shown on the downloadable maps.

  1. Folkestone
  2. Cheriton
  3. Sandgate
  4. Hythe
  5. Dymchurch
  6. New Romney
  7. Lydd
  8. Hawkinge
  9. Lyminge
  10. Sellindge
  11. Elham

Terms and Conditions

Grant applications must be made and approved before any works take place. Quotes for work must be provided:

  • Grants over £5,000: at least two quotes where possible
  • Grants below £5,000: one quote

Evidence of the total project cost must be provided, where the grant equates to less than 100% of the total project cost.

The project works should not commence until after an approval has been given, and a Grant Agreement has been signed and returned to Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

Questions or further information

If you have any questions about the application please contact Lorraine Smith 01303 853274

Who can apply for a grant?

  • Freeholders of commercial property
  • Leaseholders of commercial property with at least 5 years left in their lease (when the work is anticipated to be complete). The leaseholder must have the written permission of the freeholder of the property
  • Town and parish councils and other public sector organisations or CICs with an interest in the high street

How to apply

Download and complete the application form below


Submit your completed application with additional information to

What happens after you apply?

Completed applications, with all the required paperwork, will be assessed quarterly. Each application is subject to a scoring and evaluation process prior to submission to a Decision Panel who will assess the application, after which we will contact you to let you know the decision.

When will the grant be paid?

After a grant has been approved you will enter into a legal agreement with the council for the grant and the money will be paid as set out in the agreement and when evidence of expenditure has been provided (VAT invoices).

Successful projects

Appendix Summary of approved High Street Fund Applications

A total of 42 external grants have been awarded district wide. Below is a summary of the 16 projects successfully delivered via a F&H High Street Fund grant award.


The fund supported the complete renovation of a local Mexican restaurant in line with granted planning permission which included the installation of toilet facilities for disabled people.
Grant awarded £45,000      Match funding 50%

Expanded CCTV programme for Cheriton (complete) and Folkestone Town Centre (underway). Enabling CSU members direct access.
Grant awarded £50,000      Match funding 38%

Support for the refurbishment of existing basement area, accelerating the delivery of a scheme for a a marketplace scheme for artisan food producers and additional on site kitchen capacity (bakery and pizza)
Grant awarded £33,000      Match funding 50%

Support of external shop front works, including painting of external façade and door shutters.
Grant awarded £1,250      Match funding 50%

Internal refit in support of better training facilities for local trainees and apprentices within the health and beauty business.
Grant awarded £8,496      Match funding 50%

Delivery of a themed Escape Room in a vacant retail building in support of improving the leisure offer and a local heritage asset.
Grant awarded £45,000      Match funding 57%

Shop front refurbishment including the reinstatement of awnings and other heritage features and the fit out of basement to enable studio space for future community based workshops
Grant awarded £22,000      Match funding 44%

External shop front repairs and refurb, to shop front in Guildhall St to improve street scene
Grant award £3,000      Match funding 9%


Building refurbishment of vacant building and conversion to office space
Grant award £10,000      Match funding 13%

New vegan café delivery, supporting external and internal shop changes
Grant award £2,560      Match funding 50%

Support delivery of external façade repair and renovation, improving street scene
Grant award £10,000      Match funding 48%


Levelling and resurfacing the entire Parish Council Car Park used extensively by users of the high street. Improving user safety by removing pot holes and increasing capacity by marking car parking bays; also encouraging greener journeys with the provision of an electric car charging point.
Grant awarded £27,000      Match funding 50%

As part of a wider refurbishment programme of Martello 24, funding was awarded for new educational displays and a scaled model of the tower as part of the enhancement of visitor experience.
Grant awarded £9,000    Match funding 100%


Installation of CCTV along Sandgate High Street and car park to improve perception of safety by users of the high street.
Grant awarded £3,500    Match funding 50%

New Romney

Support for installation of new windows and widening of doors to enable better access for disabled people.
Grant award £2,469    Match funding 81%

Shop façade repairs and improvements
Grant award £1,290    Match funding 50%

Other grants awarded

Folkestone & Cheriton

Purchase of lighting in support of future events/Christmas
Grant award £5,000      Match funding 14%

External refurbishment of food and beverage premises to improve street scene
Grant award £7,500       Match funding 50%

Delivery of permanent art installation as part of festival of light to increase footfall
Grant award £10,000      Match funding 50%

Support business growth and restaurant set-up in vacant building
Grant award £22,987      Match funding 50%

External refurb and kitchen fit-out in support expansion of business
Grant award £13,450      Match funding 50%

External façade works to empty retail unit to improve street scene
Grant award £20,000       Match funding 20%

Planting scheme for Cheriton High Street
Grant award £1,600      Match funding 100%

Decals and refurb of shop frontage, disabled access and community space
Grant award £7,873.50      Match funding 42%

Transformation of newly occupied premises into a dance studio
Grant award £10,500       Match funding 50%

Rebfurbishment of newly occupied premises interior & exterior
Grant award £18,055.68       Match funding 50%

Interior and exterior refurbishment of newly occupied premises
Grant award £21,570       Match funding 50%

Interior & exterior renovations to established eatery & entertainment venue
Grant award £34,369       Match funding 50%

Awning for town centre retailer
Grant award £650.80       Match funding 50%

Refurbishment of premises for occupation by established well being business
Grant award £12,989.89       Match funding 55%


Occupation of vacant premises and support in delivery of grocers, deli, café and makery
Grant award £22,000      Match funding 13%

Public realm improvements including flower baskets and decorative display
Grant award £5,100       Match funding 50%

Contribution to restoration of former listed Bank building
Grant award £10,083       Match funding 50%

Contribution towards windows & exterior improvements to hotel premises
Grant award £10,000       Match funding 21%

Improvements to long established retail premises including new wundows & awning
Grant award £6,037.50       Match funding 52%

New Romney

Internal works to deliver additional services within a pharmacy
Grant award £5,500       Match funding 14%

Shop frontage works
Grant award £5,000       Match funding 95%

Replacement of existing windows and other shop frontage works
Grant award £6,000       Match funding 88%

Replacement of existing windows and other shop frontage works
Grant award £4,800       Match funding 50%

Replacement of windows & door improving wheelchair access for retail business
Grant award £14,917.20       Match funding 50%


Public realm improvements
Grant award £45,000       Match funding 100%

Automation of exterior clock on historical building
Grant award £1,150.80       Match funding 60%