Established in 1926, Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd have built a reputation for manufacturing innovative and high-quality test equipment for use in the construction, offshore, marine, subsea, medical and fabrication industries.

Our business

Buckleys products have a wide range of applications from testing for defects in protective coatings on metal fabrications (such as pipelines and storage tanks) to the integrity of insulation on cables as well as corrosion test equipment for subsea structures and a range of equipment for locating leaks in flat roofs.

Location – Folkestone

In 2010 Buckleys relocated to Folkestone, which was identified as an ideal location to support our growing worldwide network of distributors – it offers the convenience of the Dover port and Eurotunnel as well as the close proximity to London and various international airports.

Advantages of Folkestone

One of the many contributing factors to our current success is our location – which enables our local and international clientele to travel to us easily for ongoing training.

Many of our customers are based in northern Europe; making Kent the ideal location for our operations. The Kent location enables us to meet clients face-to-face throughout Europe with minimal travel concerns whilst also allowing us to offer superb customer focus to our UK clients.

Having the international railway station at Ashford and major international airports – such as Gatwick and Heathrow – within easy reach is the icing on the cake; enabling us to visit clients (and vice-versa) around the world conveniently.

Kent also boasts an extensive skills base. Many of our suppliers are Kent-based companies whose skills, abilities and service are outstanding in their specialist fields. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers over the years and their support and expertise is fundamental to our success and helps us manufacture our products to the very highest standard.

Such good transport links also make it viable for us to offer training and face-to-face product support to our UK-based customers; either at our Folkestone Head Office or at their base elsewhere in the UK.

Our advice

Stay informed and keep networking. We are members of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and various other local associations which ensures we are always kept up to date on new legislation, industry fluctuations and best practice. This, combined with our continuous focus on innovation and training has set us apart as experts in our field.

“Structured product development, continuous improvement in product and process, and total quality management are key to business success.”– EurIng Simon B Dobson, MSc MBA, MIMechE CEng. (Managing Director)

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