Dyrhoff Ltd

Dyrhoff Ltd

Dyrhoff Ltd

Dyrhoff Ltd is an engineering company specialising in the design of water control gates. They work in the water, hydropower, flood defence, wastewater, irrigation and water supply industries.

Our business

Dyrhoff is a world leader in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and pneumatically-actuated gates. Over the last 25 years, the company has supplied over 100 systems across four continents.

The company has ten full time employees at its Folkestone office, including four engineers, one draughtsman as well as procurement, logistics, sales and accounting personnel. We also have an office in the USA with one full-time engineer and a part-time office assistant.

Location – Folkestone

The company owner/director lives locally and the infrastructure was suitable for establishing a small business. Dyrhoff is an export-orientated business so accessibility to London’s airports and proximity to the continent are important factors. Folkestone is an excellent place to live and work and is reasonably priced.


Dyrhoff is a member of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.


Folkestone is a good place to live and work especially for professional people looking to re-locate from urban areas. Rents are reasonable and transport infrastructure is good both to London and the continent.

Folkestone provides a high quality of life at a reasonable price which makes it easy to draw qualified people into the area.

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