Hendricks of Hythe

Hendricks of Hythe

Hendricks of Hythe

Hendricks of Hythe are an independent chocolaterie, specialising in the production and retail of high-quality chocolates and truffles. Additionally, they have our coffee lounge, which sells our range of hot chocolate drinks (20 flavours), chilled chocolate frappe, a unique blend of hand-roasted coffee and local teas.

Our Business

My journey has not been entirely smooth, whose has? It was when I met Tammy, my wife and partner, that my ‘hobby’ took on a completely different complexion. As a natural salesperson, she couldn’t help herself and, before I knew it, I was working overnight to provide for various farmers markets and an ever increasing product range.

I came to dread the moments when Tammy would start a sentence with, “I’ve got an idea …”. It would, usually, end up with me having to create a whole new product line … lose a little more hair and a lot of sleep.

In 2014, we decided that it was time to take the next step … and so, we became Hendricks of Hythe. Alongside the current product range, we have also now embarked on a very exciting project to create our very own ‘Hythe’ chocolate from an exclusively sourced cocoa bean of exceptional quality. We are hoping that this will win an award or two of its own next year!

Our products are created on the premises and visitors are welcome to come and view the chocolate making process or indulge in one of our workshops to make their own chocolate work of art. Everyone will receive a warm welcome at Hendricks and we will do our best to accommodate their chocolate requirements, whatever they may be.

Location – Hythe

We found the ideal shop, just around the corner on Hythe High Street, Kent, and, with a considerable amount of help from friends and family, we opened in November 2014.

Now, here we are, two years on and still enjoying the buzz generated by the coffee lounge and the challenge of creating the old classics and new products for our increasing clientele, a few of whom saw fit to nominate us for the prestigious Kent Life & Kent On Sunday Best Customer Service Award, which we won against some very worthy competition.

Advantages of Hythe

Hythe is a wonderful town with the gentle and jovial atmosphere that’s almost village like. Perhaps because of this, ‘word of mouth’ has proved to be most effective in building our reputation and clientele and our community based ethic has complemented Hythe’s innate charm and quaintness.


The Start-Up Loans Company provided the initial funding to help us get off the ground.


We take every opportunity to engage with the public and promote our business, from conversations with other businesses owners to official networking events. Though, however impressive the sales pitch to attend such events, nothing is more important than the conversations we have with our clientele and potential clientele, to help promote the business and improve our products.


Believe in yourself and your product and TALK to your customers. Be interested in them and they’ll be interested in you and provide you with an invaluable source of feedback on your performance and direction.

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