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QBH Solutions

QBH Solutions provide jargon-free, easy to understand Human Resources and Business Compliance support, advice, guidance and training. Based in Folkestone, they are a friendly team with a wealth of experience and skills in HR and compliance.

We interviewed David Burton, Founder of QBH about why Folkestone was the right place to set up his company.

Our business

QBH Solutions jargon-free, easy to understand Human Resources and Business Compliance support, advice, guidance and training.  We are a friendly team with a wealth of experience and skills in HR and compliance.  I set the business up having spent my entire working life working in small businesses managing HR, compliance and general operations.  Having worked with a few consultants and “experts” I felt there was an opportunity to provide these services in a way that left clients feeling positive about what they knew rather than feeling overwhelmed by what they didn’t.

We get a lot of feedback about how easy we make things to understand and implement.

“Our vision is for all businesses to have access to effective and friendly HR and Compliance support; balancing good value with an approach that often simplifies these complex areas. Providing access to these services, QBH Solutions will help organisations to proactively manage and maintain their processes, leading to savings in time and cost, ultimately protecting and supporting businesses as they grow and flourish”

Location – Folkestone

I was born in Dover, moved to Folkestone in 1998 and always felt that Folkestone and Hythe had a lot of potential as a great business location, even then it had the motorway, train and relatively easy access to London and other parts of Kent and the South East.  Fast forward to 2015 and things are even better, the highspeed rail link, the regeneration and investment into parts of Folkestone and the area, along with the improved facilities made it an easy decision.

We started out in my spare room at home and then moved to a “desk” at The Workshop in Tontine Street, where we built some great partnerships with other businesses and people there, we then took on an office there before moving to slightly light bigger premises here at Basepoint.  Although office space is slightly more affordable in other areas I was keen for my business to be part of the regrowth happening in Folkestone and to help support the businesses growing with it.

What changes have you recently made to your business?

The team at QBH Solutions

12 months ago I took on a full-time Business & Compliance Manager (Anjie Harrison) and in February this year we moved to our own office at Basepoint, in June we took on a Business Administrator Becky Lazenby.  We are investing in an improved IT system and making some great improvements in how we deliver and improve our services.

What advantages does operating from Folkestone offer your business?

The Highspeed connection to London, the M20, the diversity and ability of the local people and businesses are a few of the key ones but I also think there is a lot to say about the beauty of the area, the rolling downs, the seaside, the bars and restaurants, they all contribute to the business culture and values I have tried to create for QBH Solutions.

Have you benefited from any support/networking groups in the area?

I am a member of Folkestone BNI and also attend Hythe BNI, these groups have been integral not just for the growth of the business but also my own personal development in presenting the business and confidence in standing up in front of people.  I have also made a lot of good friends from these groups too.  I also attend the Basepoint Networking events and other events as a when they come about.

What advice would you give a business looking to start-up in Folkestone or Hythe?

Definitely consider the location, there are an awful lot of positives and also look further than Folkestone and the urban areas, there are a lot of less tangible benefits from being so close to the sea and to the beautiful countryside.  There is also a diverse population with a wide-ranging skill set.  Do think about recruiting locally too.!