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Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Rock Solid are a husband and wife team, Laura and Barry Ash. Rock Solid help to change peoples lives by creating healthy sustainable lifestyles for their clients.

Our Business

At Rock Solid we offer a specialised service to our clients ranging from creating bespoke 1-2-1 packages to tailor to individual needs based on Nutrition. Rock Solid offer exercise and wellbeing, to bespoke meal plans, personal training, exclusive membership subscription site and even a free Facebook group (Rock Solid Crew). This year we have introduced workshops to help people to break free from their habitual eating. These have grown in popularity as we have had people travel as far as Ireland, Devon, and Plymouth to attend our workshops.

In the three short years we have worked with a wide variety of people from all over the country and also internationally. For example, we have worked with Rehan Jalali who is a trainier to a galaxy of Superstars in L.A. He has trained the likes of Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and Nicole Scherzinger. Rock Solid also works closely with Jessie Pavelka as his Health and Nurtriton advisors and we are experts for Watchfit where we regularly provide advice through Blogs on their website

Barry and I have also embarked on the journey of writing a children’s book because we believe that children are the future. In 14 years’ time over half of this country is going to be obese and this is not acceptable. So we are working with Shepway Sports Trust to go into local schools to be able to help kids understand where their food comes from and how it affects their body.

Location – North Downs

We decided to set up Rock Solid in the North Downs as I was medically retired from the police force with Bi-polar, we understood the massive correlation between health, not just mental but physical health when it comes to getting good nutrition, good exercise and a good mindset balance in place.

We wanted to keep our business very personal so we decided to build a gym on the side of our house and work from home to create that personal touch for our clients. This helps our clients feel more comfortable when they come to see us as not everyone wants to train in a commercial gym, especially if they are new to training or perhaps they are feeling a little self-conscious about training in a busy gym setting.

Hawkinge is the perfect location to offer this as it easily accessible by all means of transport to both local and further afield towns and cities. With the motorway only a  two minute drive away this has helped our customers reach us with ease.

Advantages of North Downs

Where we are based we find it is very quiet and relaxing for our patrons. Beautiful picturesque settings of Hawkinge really helps with both the physiology and psychological wellbeing of our clients. It enables us to take them out on walks, bike rides or runs. Showing them that exercise doesn’t always need to be in a gym and helping them achieve their upmost potential without any restrictions.

Business support

Rock Solid are very well connected in the local area and feel very lucky that a lot of people know of Rock Solid. This is because we have networked with a wide variety of local business within the Folkestone and Shepway area. We strongly believe that if local businesses support each other we in turn build it each other up.

Advice for start-ups

Our advice to other potential businesses is; most definitely consider Hawkinge. It is a central location with easy access to the motorway and all other routes to the UK and the Port of Dover. Hawkinge is also a short distance from Folkestone train station that has the High Speed Rail link that can get you to central London in 52 minutes.

Pentland Homes are currently building and expanding in Hawkinge; new homes, offices and shops that can cater for all different business needs and we feel a wide variety of business will benefit the local community that the North Downs has created.

Also Folkestone is undergoing a regeneration programme and is bringing a lot of new visitors to the town. This is boosting all the local businesses surrounding it including those in the North Downs!