Strickland Accountancy Ltd

Strickland Accountancy Ltd

Strickland Accountancy Ltd

Strickland Accountancy is a thriving start-up in Folkestone town centre. We combine financial, accounting and business experience to offer our customers a holistic approach to business, designed to build a profitable, healthy, sustainable business.

Our Business

All of the team at Strickland Accountancy talk to clients in layman’s terms – we just keep it simple. We work with you, caring about you and your business and help you develop it so it becomes more sustainable over time.

Location – Folkestone

I truly love Folkestone, the area, the people, the different parts of Folkestone that are thrown together make the town what it is. I could not imagine setting my business up anywhere else. I am blessed to able to trade from this part of England. We are so close to London and all the fast rail links, and also Europe.

Advantages of Folkestone

Beautiful area, great eateries, great travel links to London, the fast rail links and also Europe.

Support/Network Groups

I host and do attend many networking events and business groups in Shepway. The local support for each other through our businesses is unique. I would never have been able to succeed with my company if it not been through the support of the local government and local business persons.

I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer and the support and encouragement I have received from local businesses has been so up lifting and now I am all but clear. The businesses here are a community and we recognise that we all need each other to make this area successful and flourishing.


Firstly I would say ‘Welcome to Folkestone’. Folkestone is a beautiful place with an up and coming, thriving business community. With high-speed rail links, excellent continental access and developments throughout the town, it’s a great place to for your business.

Absolutely start your time here by joining any number of the business network communities, the chamber of commerce, BNI, the Federation of Small Business to name a few. There are countless opportunities to work with local business experts that will really help you focus on the things that you want to do and this is the place to meet them.

From an accounts perspective make sure you keep all your financial records from day one. Getting yourself a good accountant is common sense, but finding someone who can give you great business advice, who can understand your business model and offer you specific advice, is worth their weight in gold.