National Minimum and National Living Wage increases from April 1, 2017

The National Living and National Minimum wage are increasing from April 1, 2017. By law you must pay workers at least the appropriate National Living or National Minimum Wage depending on their age and whether or not they are an apprentice.

The rates are:

Year                                                    25 & over     21 to 24      18 to 20     Under 18     Apprentice

October 2016 (current rate)         £7.20              £6.95        £5.55          £4                  £3.40
April 2017                                        £7.50              £7.05         £5.60         £4.05            £3.50

Employers have a duty to be aware of and comply with the different legal National Minimum and Living Wage rates. For more information about the legal requirements then you can seek advice from Acas.

Even if you are paying the correct minimum rates you should still be aware of some common mistakes made when calculating employees’ wages that can result in not complying with the law.

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