Reaching great heights for charity

Folkestone-based Martello Building Consultancy recently joined brave staff, volunteers and members from ARRCC and Skydived for a very worthy cause.

Martello helped raise £1,360 towards ARRCC Folkestone’s building renovation project which took place earlier this year.

Martello and Breen Construction removed walls to make the centre more open plan and created a new tea and coffee station for members as well as renovating the centre’s disabled bathroom facility. Installing specialist equipment such as a mobile hoist and height adjustable adult changing table will allow people with multiple disabilities and complex needs to access the centre. The facility will also be open to those requiring specialist bathroom facilities when visiting The Quarterhouse, Folkestone’s town centre, harbour and Creative Quarter.

Martello’s continuously tries to support ARRCC Folkestone as its local charity. Smaller charities can often be overlooked as they struggle to get support in terms of funding, even though they offer invaluable support and assistance, to vulnerable and socially isolated people. ARRCC provides inspiring and innovative support to adults with physical and/or sensory impairments, learning disabilities, and those living with Dementia.

Many of the people ARRCC supports face challenges in their everyday lives, from mobility to securing the right level of care and support to accessing their local community. Many have experienced hate crime or had limitations put on their lives due to society’s general lack of understanding of people with disabilities. ARRCC pride themselves on providing support to help people with disabilities develop the confidence to live their lives to the full and access all the opportunities available to the wider community.

Such is the story of Matthew McFarland, who joined ARRCC Folkestone two years ago. At the time he was assigned to social services, it was picked up that he felt very depressed, frustrated and alone and struggled to find and keep employment. Many of his previous employers did not always understand what Asperger’s was and how best to deal with it in a work environment. Therefore, Matthew felt he became labelled as ‘slow’ and often tasked with menial duties, very seldom fulfilling the role he applied for in the beginning. Before he joined ARRCC, Matthew was taking medication and receiving counselling to deal with depression and anxiety. Once he joined ARRCC, Matthew said that through social interaction with fellow ARRCC members, he realised he was not alone in dealing with these challenges and that this helped to restore his confidence and creating the balanced positive outlook he has today.

Matthew is one of the members at ARRCC who bravely volunteered to do the skydive, saying “it was something I have always wanted to do and I was happy to help ARRCC raise money to reach and support more people.”

ARRCC offers a packed timetable of activities and courses throughout the week such as art classes, film and animation, pottery, dressmaking, music and drama. This creates a positive and interactive platform where members are able to develop tools for self expression and build and access a social network.

ARRCC Folkestone really appreciates support from members of the community in terms of donations and volunteering. If you feel you can for support, please contact Holly or Sandra on 01303 211248.

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