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Advanced PPC Course

Tuesday 14th November, 2017

Giant Campus, 7th Floor, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2QY

Already got an idea how Pay Per Click (PPC) can help your business? Or dabbled in the magical world of PPC advertising before? Good work! But do you know how to take it to the next level?

PPC, like most things in the digital world, is ever-evolving, which is why staying on top of new techniques and best practices are vital to success. PPC is a core service at Sleeping Giant Media, which means that its professors are dedicated to making sure that if something changes in the world of PPC, they know about it.

This advance PPC course gives them the perfect opportunity to share their knowledge with people who are looking to kick it up a notch when it comes to their business’ paid advertising campaigns.

From tips and tricks to a deeper insight into the tools of the trade that the GIANTS at SGM use day in and day out, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini, this course will give you the strategies and targeting techniques you need to apply to your business across any paid platform.

Already dabbled in setting up your own AdWords or Bing Ads account, or know what you want to achieve but don’t quite know how to make it happen? This advanced PPC course will show you how to optimise your account structure and get your keywords in order.

For further details, visit https://www.giantcampus.co.uk/courses/advanced-ppc

What will you learn?

Attending this course can help give you the hands-on skills necessary to make PPC work specifically for your business, from reaching your target audience at the right time, to making the most of the relatively fast results cycle of pay per click.

  • More in-depth account research and planning
  • How to optimise your budget to get maximum results
  • A guide to performance analysis and PPC reporting
  • Ad copy optimisation and A/B split testing
  • An intro to the AdWords editor
  • Campaign structure and keyword optimisation
  • Advanced campaign settings you can implement on your account.

Why Bother?

  • PPC can be extremely effective for small budgets
  • Generate an increase in online sales
  • It is a great way to test content and combinations of words and messages
  • Understanding what your customers needs and wants are
  • Numbers and data BEAT opinion and emotion
  • Advertise in front of people who are actually interested in your product.