The five East Kent district councils and Kent County Council have been working together, supported by a consultant, to develop an East Kent Growth Framework.  This sets out a strategic approach for achieving our economic growth ambitions for East Kent and the investment priorities that will deliver long-term economic growth to 2027.

This updates the earlier 2013 East Kent Growth Plan which was instrumental in East Kent’s success in accessing a high proportion of the South East LEP’s Local Growth Fund (LGF) allocation.  This EKGF builds on this earlier plan,  identifying a new portfolio of priority economic infrastructure investments, economic projects and initiatives to deliver our growth ambitions to 2027


The East Kent Growth Framework itself comprises three documents – an investment brochure; the main report and a supporting evidence base review.  The investment brochure ‘East Kent – The Gateway to UK plc’ is a succinct and focused brochure that sets out why the government should invest in East Kent and what our strategic priorities area.  The main report, supported by the evidence base review, provides more detail, setting out the current economic context, what has been achieved to date, the rationale for our strategic priorities and the specific projects and initiatives across the five districts that together achieve the economic growth we seek up to 2027.


Please click below to access the East Kent Growth documents: