Are you Gigabit ready? Broadband scheme

Are you Gigabit ready?

In March the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport announced a £67m programme to make full fibre broadband available to small businesses and the local communities surrounding them.

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme enables businesses to claim up to £3,000 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project.

In addition, surrounding residents can benefit from the scheme as part of a group project which also includes businesses, and can claim for a voucher of up to a value of £500.

Moving towards the future

It’s unarguable that demand for greater digital technology is going to increase over the coming few years, so participating in this scheme will enable your business to stay ahead of the game.

The first step is to check that you are eligible and find out which suppliers operate in your area. Find out here.

Once you’ve confirmed that you or your business qualifies, apply for your voucher. By working with your community and your supplier, it may be possible to pool vouchers to offset the cost of installation.