Pro-actions Seminar – 4th April 2019

Time: the one thing that you or your business can’t buy more of

If you are finding yourself struggling to fit everything into a day or a week, working too long and not achieving the results you wanted at home or at work, this Pro-actions Business Seminar could be transformational to your life.

Time Management is the cornerstone of running a successful business effectively and keeping your life in balance. It’s the difference between being at the meeting on time, and being at the right meeting!

At this seminar, you will discover…

  • What Time Management is and how it can positively impact your results
  • How to balance work and life
  • The difference between being efficient and being effective
  • How to become truly proactive
  • Some of the best ways to manage your time
  • Key habits and tools that can make a big difference

Packed full of sensible ideas and solutions, this is a must-attend event for anyone who is serious about creating the best chances for their business to succeed.

Tickets cost £25 and are available here