Introducing Scale Up Folkestone & Hythe

Scale Up Folkestone & Hythe is a high growth coaching programme for businesses that have the ambition and capacity to grow. Designed and delivered by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, and with funding from Folkestone & Hythe District Council, participation is open exclusively to businesses in the local authority area.

Scale Up

First piloted in Ashford in 2017 with just six businesses, Scale Up delivered:

  • £20,000 of grant funding
  • £1,000,000 of capital investment
  • 45 new jobs
  • 1 new premises (expansion)
  • Revenue growth of 20%

These impressive statistics helped to cement the programme as an exemplar in the National Scale Up Institutes annual report and has facilitated the roll out of this programme.

Folkestone & Hythe Council were quick to see the economic benefits of Scale Up to their local business community and commissioned the Chamber to begin a locally tailored programme.

The first cohort of businesses was recruited in February 2019 and will receive 36hrs of high growth coaching over the next 12 months, from an experienced coaching professional. Additionally, participants will have access to exclusive networking with like-minded businesses, information and access to grants, access to industry experts, support and advice from key council personnel and a platform to promote and market the success of their business.

The design of the programme hinges around a longer period of engagement which allows for a greater understanding of the business operation, closer working relationships with key personnel and, perhaps most importantly, the delivery and implementation of an agreed plan. All of this is tracked and measured to demonstrate value and achievement for both the business and the sponsors.

Recruitment for the second cohort is now open and expressions of interest are being invited from businesses that have 5 employees or more and a turnover over in excess of £500,000. The purpose of this criterion is to ensure businesses have the capacity to grow and are not constrained by some of the more traditional start-up barriers. Exceptions to this criterion will be considered.

If you would like to be part of this exciting programme in 2020 please register your interest using the link below

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