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Pro-actions – learn how to get a grip on your business

18 November 2020 12:30pm

To cope with the changes ahead, you need to batten down the hatches and run a tight ship. Make sure that you have the ability and structure to properly manage and control your business – this is absolutely crucial for a ‘wartime’ MD who must be able to maintain a firm grip and implement changes quickly.

One of the Pro-actions expert advisors will be explaining what you need to do to achieve this grip in an interactive online session. In this 60 minute webinar, they will explore how to make sure you are in control of your business.

Does your business do what you want it to do? How do you know whether it has or not? Do you have to check and chase everything yourself?

Some of the topics Pro-actions will explore:

  • Understanding what governance is and why it will make your life easier
  • Where to start and why
  • How to get your board agendas planned correctly
  • How to implement the structures and approaches to make sure stuff gets done (and that it’s not just you doing it)

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Learn how to get a grip on your business