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Folkestone.Works supports local businesses sharing news, updates and events across the district. You may already be familiar with our website that provides you with all the information why your business will succeed here, the funding and support available and the property we have on offer.

So why not follow our Instagram page and find out how our businesses continue to work hard to support local communities throughout the pandemic. We share high quality content about how the local business community are pivoting their business models and responding to the changes and Tiers.

If you are new Instagram you’ll be see photos of the district you may not have seen before and indeed want to share and you’ll connect to followers that become brand loyal. Plus we share up to date news about businesses on the high streets and Brexit Transition.

We encourage you to tag #FolkestoneWorks @FolkestoneWorks in your Instagram posts and add a location tag if you are business in the district. It will make it easier for other like-minded businesses to find and engage with you.

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