UK Food Systems Academy launched

The  University of Greenwich has launched its UK Food Systems Academy. The University is keen to tailor research to the needs of society and are seeking associate partners and academy partners to support and co-direct its work.

Future research will contribute to the local food systems sector such as food production, distribution, manufacturing and waste.

What is the UK Food Systems Academy?

  • The University, in connection with its consortium partners (that include NIAB EMR), is undertaking research on food systems
  • Their intention is to train 60 doctoral researchers on future food system transformation
  • These doctoral researchers will be learning at the university, but also through industrial placements with firms

Food community network

There are potential different levels of engagement availble for businesses and civic partners. Associate partners could be companies that work with Greenwich to set the research priorities, co-design the doctoral research projects, and provide industrial placements for the graduates.

Academy members could be individuals that wish to receive updates from the university and disseminate the information to their networks.

The ambition is to create a network within the food community – where companies can hear about ground-breaking research. This could also help the labour shortage in the sector, as it will put companies directly in contact with highly skilled graduates.

If you are interested in becoming an associate partner or academy member, please email  or visit