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Folkestone Town Centre Place Plan Final Draft

The Final draft of the Folkestone Town Centre Place Plan is now live

The final draft of the Folkestone Town Centre Place Plan is now live at

This is your chance to submit any final feedback on the actions and priorities included in the document. The Place Plan consists of three main documents an Urban Appraisal, Engagement Report and the Place Plan.

The Urban Appraisal was undertaken during the early stage of the Place Plan development to better understand the area.  The study was extensive covering subjects including a socio-economic appraisal, a planning and area review and a baseline of transport and movement in and around the town.

This also included an appraisal of local assets, landmarks and uses as well as environmental considerations. This study culminated in some key findings which were pivotal in informing the content of the Place Plan.

The Engagement Report sets out the process and detail of stakeholder engagement that helped shape the Place Plan.

The Place Plan identifies six key missions to overcome “the grand challenge”. This challenge has been identified by We Made That as stemming decline within the town centre, attracting investment, bringing together community groups whilst addressing the climate emergency.

The actions – which have suggested prioritisations – are the ways in which the ambition set out in the plan will be achieved. The plan recognises that there is a role for the council, public sector partners, businesses, investors and the community to deliver these actions.

The draft plan presents tangible and exciting proposals for potential future changes to the area. Some of these suggestions include improved access into and throughout the town centre, business and employment opportunities and proposals for more homes and more green spaces.

Residents and businesses have a chance to comment on the actions and priorities in this document until 20 August 2021. Feedback is welcomed by email via   

This draft of the document will be going to Cabinet on 22 September 2021.