Romney Marsh Flooding Defences at Lydd Ranges

The Lydd Ranges sea defence scheme is part of a £40 million investment in Romney Marsh flood defences. This demonstrates commitment for the future.

Construction of 3.2 kilometres of defences is now being carried out by the Environment Agency at Lydd Ranges. This will help better protect land, infrastructure and homes from coastal flooding for the next 25 years.

The work is part of the Folkestone to Cliff End Strategy which sets out plans to manage flood and erosion risks along the coastline of Romney Marsh over the next 100 years. This takes into account the predicted impacts of climate change into account.

This major infrastructure project demonstrates the government’s commitment to protecting the area for the long term. It complements Folkestone and Hythe District Council’s ongoing work with partners. These include the Romney Marsh Partnership and NDA/Magnox, to build a strong local economy for the Marsh.

Find more information about the Lydd Ranges sea defence scheme here