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Adapting with Digital

Free Training and support available from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership

There is an exciting new world of digital technologies available to help you run your business more efficiently, freeing up time for you to concentrate on what you do best and connect with new customers.

By registering  with SELEP, you will be able to join any of the events or just browse through our tutorial videos showcasing a diverse array of topics to help you navigate this exciting new world of digital. All could help your business be more profitable, strategic, analytical, and help you grow and future proof your business.

Digital is so much more than learning how to do social media; it’s also about:

  • Online accounting
  • Easier and more efficient ways to work from home
  • Being able to collaborate effectively in a non-office or event environment
  • E-commerce and optimising your business for online sales; and so much more.

We will be exploring all of this, plus much more, with experts in their field who will share their knowledge so you can walk away with the tools to implement and drive success in your business.

Click here to register with the South East Local Enterprise Partnership

and gain access to a whole network of digital and other training & support to aid you and your business.