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Virtual Business Networking

Free to attend 23rd November 2021 10:30am – 12:00

About this Networking session 

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce have partnered with Furley Page Solicitors to bring you virtual business networking.

Each event will be an eclectic mix of conversation topics, extracted from the guest speaker and attendees during registration, making sure  you are brought the networking event you want to be involved in. This sessions guest business will be RIFT Group

Conversations with the guest speaker will be followed by 3 breakout room sessions where attendees can delve deeper into this discussion, or discuss their own topic in more depth. Between these sessions, attendees will be invited to join in a game on Kahoot! using their mobile phones which the winner will be offered a 3 minute elevator pitch in the next session.

Virtual Business Networking is a fun way of networking which is highly interactive, sparking interesting conversations and aims to bring like-minded people together, guide forward new ideas and form new business relationships.

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