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Have you signed up to Experience FH yet?

Promote your business for free!

ExperienceFH enables local residents to discover local businesses on their doorstep and make it easier for visitors to “explore” the local area.

The platform is completely free for businesses to join and to use the majority of features. You will be able to easily set up your own profile, and promote your exclusive local offers to help drive visitors and footfall to your business.

Once you have created your profile, general users of the ExperienceFH app can:

  • Quickly see information about a business, including description, opening times and, location,
  • Browse and redeem exclusive local offers from businesses nearby
  • Order directly from local businesses for either click-and-collect or delivery

(Functionality level will be dependent on what the participating business has set up on the app)

Click here for full details and to create your ExperienceFH profile

You can also register directly from here by using the QR code below:

Note: When you have completed the required steps to create your business profile, don’t forget to click on the ‘publish business profile’ button to make it live for others to see.