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Port of Dover 2050

Working towards becoming the UK’s most seamless, sustainable, and tech-enabled Port

Changes in society and the economy, technological advances, and a rapidly changing climate and environment are impacting the way we travel and do business, to how we shop and socialise. The Port is taking advantage of these opportunities and challenges, working with its key external and internal stakeholders to lead a major plan for the next 25 years.

Port of Dover 2050 was officially launched publicly in October 2023, with the Port engaging with its people internally and externally to map out investment and priorities for the future. From spring this year, the conversation will be spread even wider across the community to organisations, businesses, and port customers as it enters the consultation phase. These views and opinions are vital for mapping out the future in the years and decades to come.

Several key stakeholder groups have already met, with an initial discussion focus on travel, trade and community, including the need to continue to adapt to post-Brexit challenges and increase leisure opportunities within the Dover area. Sustainability and environment are also clearly at the core of future operations and business in the external sphere, including electrification of the Short Straits route. Finally, assets and technology were discussed in terms of streamlining port operations via innovation and digitisation to increase efficiency and traffic fluidity.

The Port of Dover 2050 Commonplace platform will continue to be updated with news and updates, and a timeline for the project gives more information on next stages. The Port encourages everyone in the local community to join them on this exciting journey and have their say.

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