Romney Marsh Partnership

Romney Marsh Partnership

Overview of Partnership

The Romney Marsh Partnership (RMP) was established in 2012 to lead the delivery of the Romney Marsh Socio-Economic Plan: an economic strategy targeted at mitigating the negative consequences of decommissioning at Dungeness A nuclear power station, along with early stages of defueling for Dungeness B. The RMP aims to secure a stronger economic future for the Romney Marsh area and the people who live and work there. The Romney Marsh area covered by the RMP is mostly rural and administered by three local authority districts: Shepway, Ashford and Rother.

The Romney Marsh Partnership currently comprises of representatives from each of the three local authorities of Shepway, Ashford and Rother, Kent and East Sussex County Councils, Magnox Ltd, EDF Energy ltd, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Dungeness Site Stakeholders Group, Marsh Academy, Romney Resource Centre, Rye Partnership, London Ashford Airport (Lydd), Bretts Group, Action with Communities in Rural Kent and Chambers of Commerce.

Romney Marsh is at a very interesting and challenging time in its history. With recent announcements on the future of the Nuclear Site at Dungeness, it has raised concerns, but at the same time Romney Marsh is unique, with its interesting and atmospheric landscape, as well as being a place people are proud to be associated with. There is an active and enterprising population here who are eager to get involved in improving the area. The Romney Marsh Partnership aims to address future challenges and capitalise upon the opportunities so that Romney Marsh becomes an even better place to live, work and visit.

The current Romney Marsh Delivery Plan has identified five overarching principles that has formed all its decisions and activities that have been undertaken:

  • Recognising and taking advantage of functionality of place
  • An inclusive Romney Marsh community
  • Acknowledging the ongoing importance of the nuclear industry to Romney Marsh
  • A concerted approach to delivering a coherent and value adding Romney Marsh brand
  • Focusing on effective and efficient delivery of projects and interventions, which are truly value adding.

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Shepway Economic Development Strategy 2015 – 2020 – (due to be updated)

This Strategy launched in April 2015 sets out Shepway District Council’s ambitions for economic growth in Shepway over the next five years. It shows how they and their partners will deliver the Council’s Corporate Plan vision of Shepway being “Prosperous and Ambitious – Working for more jobs and homes in an attractive district”. The key priority is to “Boost the local economy and increase job opportunities” through four priorities for action:

  • building on our current and emerging economic strengths
  • boosting productivity and supporting business growth
  • promoting further investment by maximising the value of our assets and stimulating confidence
  • improving education and skills

The Strategy focuses on those things with the greatest transformational impact, including the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors on Romney Marsh.
Read the full report  Shepway Development Strategy 2015- 2020


The Romney Marsh Partnership Board

The Romney Marsh Partnership (RMP) is an economic development partnership comprising of local stakeholders from the public, private and third sectors. The group is chaired by Folkestone & Hythe District Council Councillor, Patricia Rolfe who represents New Romney Ward.

Local Stakeholders are:

Nuclear Sector – Magnox/NDA,EDF

Local Government – Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Ashford Borough Council, Rother District Council, East Sussex and Kent Country Councils.

Education – East Kent College, The Marsh Academy, Romney Resource Centre.

Business – Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Visit Kent, Brett Aggregates, Lydd Airport.

Third Sector – Action with Communities in Rural Kent, Kent Wildlife Trust.

Links to RMP Partner websites:

Magnox   NDA   EDF    Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce   Folkestone College


Sub Groups under the RMP Board Portfolio

Transport Group – set up to have a strategic focus on improving existing infrastructure, developing new road networks and links to neighbouring towns to access employment and education.

Skills Group – set up to focus on “Bridging Skills Gaps” and forging sustainable links with education and businesses locally. To improve skills and engage people with to ensure a greater ability to gain lasting employment for their futures.

Tourism Group – set up to develop strategies for ensuring the local environment is protected, whilst still being able to enjoy the natural resources. To build the tourism sector, grow the local economy through sustainable means offering employment through this sector. Encouraging ideas for developing green projects and staycation potential.

The Romney Marsh is steeped in natural and built heritage features which does provide potential for developing nature trails, cycle and walking routes, water sports and sweeping coastal resorts. The RMP is constantly reviewing ideas for the area, events to engage the community and opportunities to work with businesses to ensure the area remains a great place to live, work, visit and stay.

Projects Being Delivered Through the RMP

Romney Marsh Employment Hub – Business Centre.

A new, purpose built Business Centre at Mountfield Road, New Romney. It is due to open Jan 22. This Business Hub will provide space for businesses, with support provided by a dedicated on-site business advisor.

Enhancing Infrastructure – Junction improvements at New Romney, Hammonds Corner junction and spine road from A259 into Mountfield Road and at Rye a259/ Rye Harbour.

Continuous decommissioning – working with NDA/Magnox to secure continuous decommissioning for Dungeness and release land for new economic uses.

Better Transport Links – working with local stakeholders to improve links to Ashford, Folkestone and Rye through improved public transport services and potential community bus projects.

Bridging the Skills Gaps – working with education providers to support and develop skills for local people on either the Romney Marsh or access to wider skills and courses in Folkestone and Ashford. Engaging young people with business community through careers and apprenticeship initiatives.

SARMS – Sustainable Access & Recreation Management Strategy.

The SARMS action plan was produced for Folkestone & Hythe District Council (FHDC) and Rother District Council (RDC) to manage visitor impacts on sensitive sites in the Dungeness/Rye Bay area.

Broadband – working to ensure improved internet speed, upgrades of local fibre and broadband networks for Marsh based businesses and residents to ensure a service fit for the future.

Supply Chain into Magnox/NDA/EDF – working hard to raise awareness of opportunities for local SME’s into the supply chain for contracts.

Click here for details on how to do business with Magnox Ltd

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We are happy to provide further details about the Romney Marsh Partnership, and discuss how this may be of benefit to you.

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