Shepway Apprenticeship Scheme closes to new applications on September 30, 2017

The Shepway Apprenticeship Scheme will close to new applications on 30th September 2017.

The scheme offers an apprenticeship grant of up to £1,500 per apprentice to Shepway employers taking on Shepway residents as full-time apprentices. The scheme has operated since 2012 and has so far awarded over 350 apprenticeship grants to local businesses across many sectors.

To access this grant funding by the above date, please contact asap so that we can try to ensure that by the above date there is in place

  • A signed employment contract with your apprentice.
  • A training course secured for your Apprentice, with details including course title and outline, start and finish date provided.
  • A three-way learning agreement between you, your Apprentice and Training Provider in place which is arranged by the Training Provider.
  • A completed Employer Details Form with details of your Apprentice to confirm that he/she is a Shepway resident.

Once you have completed and returned the above, we will send out a Shepway Apprenticeship Funding Agreement for you to sign. Once signed and returned we will provide the grant in two instalments:

  • an initial £500 payment
  • a second payment of the outstanding balance due will be paid after 6 months on receipt of a completed monitoring form and copies of the Apprentice’s pay record.

As part of our Funding Agreement, we will require you to agree to provide us with a six monthly update on the progress of your Apprentice, the impact on your business, and for us to contact your apprentice at the end of their apprenticeship to get their views.  This will enable us to monitor the effectiveness of the programme and its impact

For further information see our Guidance Notes.