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Designing your business structure webinar

Designing your business structure webinar and roles to function more effectively

2nd December 2020 12:30pm

This FREE 60 minute Pro-actions Business Coaching webinar will explore how to get the best out of your people. Join Pro-actions for a blend of distilled clear thinking coupled with actionable top tips.

Pro-actions will explore how best to structure your organisation to get the right people in the right roles so that it fits together in a logical manner that gives clear accountability and responsibility.

Some of the topics to be explored:

  • Organisation structure – what it means and how to think about it
  • Accountability versus responsibility – making sure that both are clear
  • How to set clear expectations and objectives so people know what they are supposed to be doing and why

The webinar will also include the opportunity to discuss issues relating to the topic with other business leaders and Pro-actions advisors.

The presenter will split the attendees into several small ‘breakout rooms’, then a Pro-actions member of staff will facilitate a short discussion, enabling you to ask questions and interact with other business professionals.

Book your free place now on 2nd December

Designing your business structure webinar