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Kent Invicta LIVE: Forensic Leadership Event

Forensic Leadership, What traces will you leave?

9th December 2020 10.30am

Members: Free To Attend
Non-Members: £10.00 + VAT

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, have partnered with Paul Kinkaid from Selfless Leadership to discuss the topic of Forensic Leadership and asks you to think about ‘What traces will you leave?’

Through forensically analysing our own leadership approaches, it is possible to leave more positive traces rather than negative.

It is possible to demonstrate empirically that employing a Forensic Leadership approach has a positive impact upon employee engagement, staff retention, productivity, profit and wellbeing.

Paul Kinkaid brings 20 years’ experience of leading incredibly high performing teams in some of the most challenging environments imaginable.

This event will cover:

    • What trace do you want to leave and what trace do you actually leave as a leader? Are they different, and if so, why?
    • What do your followers remember of you?
    • What “evidence” do you want to leave at the scene and what do you want to take with you?
    • What will your leadership legacy be?

This Forensic Leadership event is FREE to Chamber Members and £10 + VAT to Non-Members.

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Forensic Leadership, What traces will you leave?