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Map out your future business growth

Map out your future growth with a powerful, profitable business plan

10th February 2021 9:30am

Planning is only effective if you know what you want from your life and from your business. At Pro-actions they advise business owner-managers to start thinking with the end in mind.

This FREE 60 minute Pro-actions Business Coaching webinar on Wednesday, 10th February at 9.30am will show you how to map out your future growth.

The Pro-actions webinar will guide you through a powerful, profitable business plan. It will explore why you need a business plan and what you need to include, and how your people, processes and systems are all significant in bringing your plan to life.

The webinar will also consider marketing, and your customers, competition, differentiators and sales methods. Topics we will cover include:

  • Why you need a business plan and what it actually means
  • Who your plan is intended for
  • What you need to include in your plan (and why it’s not just about financial projections)
  • Marketing – customers, competition, differentiators and sales methods
  • Bringing your business plan to life – the people, processes and systems to make it all work
  • How often you should review and update your plan

Join Pro-actions and other business professionals at this valuable interactive event, and leave the hour’s session knowing how to pull together a pragmatic, powerful plan to help your business thrive in 2021.

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Map out your future growth