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Business Planning: How to write a business plan

Free Web Event 11th November 2021 10:00am – 2:00pm

WSX Enterprise Access to finance team invites you to join them online for their webinar on How to Write a Business Plan

Business planning is a necessary exercise, both when starting and wanting to grow your business successfully and more effectively. Attracting funding or target new markets will only succeed when a robust business plan is in place.

This workshop will ensure that you have a business plan with a clear strategy; accurately assessing, examining and evaluating what you are trying to accomplish and what are the best ways to do so. Developing an effective plan that will be realistic, and help you take into account your skills and experience, and what financial resources you have or will need to secure.

Writing a plan helps you think about what you will be doing, how you are going to do it, anticipate potential pitfalls and the competitive threats you face.

The danger of not planning your business is having to learn as you go along, which can be a costly and expensive path to choose.

Whether you need a business plan to raise finance, or if it is just a guide for yourself, it is a working tool that you can use to help you run the business, measure progress and revise and update your strategy over time.

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