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Join forces with other local business leaders and find your strength with Peer Networks

Learn. Share. Grow


Learn from your peers. Share and discuss new ideas. Grow your business by working through challenges.

There’s never been a more important time to invest in the future of your business by working with people who know business best. Other business leaders. Join forces to find your strength in 2021 with Peer Networks.

How you and your business can benefit from Peer Networks support

  • Learn from your peers: Find solutions to the real issues your business is facing by working with other local business leaders facing similar challenges.
  • All it takes is your time: Peer Networks is a completely free programme, all it takes is a few hours of your time each month. You can join virtual sessions from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Varied delivery, real results: Activities take place in structured, small-group sessions, led by a skilled professional facilitator to make sure you see real results in return for the investment of your time. You will also benefit from access to 1:1 mentoring, coaching or advice depending on the support you need.
  • Non-competitive: Peer Networks brings together business leaders working collaboratively to find solutions to common problems. You will not be placed in a group with any competitors, so you can share your expertise and benefit from others.

Click on the link here for further details, eligibility criteria and to complete the contact form. Once completed, a member of your local growth hub will be in contact with you to explain more and to detail the next steps.


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