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International: Correct Use Of Tariff Codes, Commodity Codes, HS Codes

Online training session 29th June 2023 09:30am  – 12:45pm

An explanation of the Harmonised System of tariff codes for commodities traded internationally for importers and exporters, plus review of Customs Procedures.

Quotations for an export supply and the preparation of Pro-Forma invoices which can eventually be a main constituent part of long-term trading commitments, not just of one-off orders, are an area where exporters can sometimes cause themselves problems. And the pro-forma invoice can be the basis for a Letter of Credit goods description making it potentially the most important document in a series.

There are many steps in the supply process, all of which contribute to the eventual cost which should be covered by a comprehensive quotation. Just as important is using the correct tariff code for imports or exports. This is the joint responsibility of both the exporter and the importer. The tariff code dictates the amount of duty payable and can lead to retrospective claims by Customs if incorrect. By the same token it is easy to pay too much, by applying an incorrect code.

In each of the above circumstances it can be very costly if insufficient attention is paid to getting things right. The course will look at the process for determining the code that fits the product and for obtaining binding decisions in order to avoid disagreements and will go through the quotation process in considerable detail so that practitioners have a thorough view of what the requirements are.

Suitable for staff involved in export or import in manufacturing and supply, as well as shipping, logistics and related activities.

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