Simpson Dean Recruitment Ltd

Simpson Dean Recruitment Ltd

Simpson Dean Recruitment Ltd

Simpson Dean Recruitment Ltd works in a wide variety of sectors but mainly focuses on Office recruitment. The company fills positions for office support, legal professionals, legal support, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, industrial, construction, distribution, public sector and hospitality.

Our business

Now I know you’re asking ‘how can a recruitment agency have enough knowledge to work over so many disciplines’?

Well, with a solid background and years of experience, it isn’t difficult to be a good recruiter….you need to be a good listener and fully understand what each of your clients needs and, more importantly, you need to understand the dynamics of a company to ensure every new member of staff fits in and enjoys their role and working environment.

We are a boutique recruitment agency that helps people find work and companies find people. We base our company ethos on honesty, integrity, transparency and communication and our motto is ‘Placing People First’.

Location – Folkestone

I (Anthony Dean) must admit I didn’t choose Folkestone as much as Folkestone chose me.

My wife has worked in London for over 20 years, commuting from Buckinghamshire and her journey was over two hours each way…as you can imagine, this took its toll.

I spent eight years of my life working in the music industry and met our large friendship group in Central London; two of those close friends lived in Kent, one set in Deal, the other in Folkestone and we enjoyed many family trips to the area.

After careful consideration, we decided to look at properties in Folkestone and this was largely based on the train commute to London bringing my wife’s daily commute down to just over one hour each way, which was a great advantage for the whole family.

So, with the decision made to move to Folkestone, I needed to find a job!  After many applications I managed to reach second stage interview with four different recruitment agencies.  Now, I’m not sure if you know this, but the recruitment industry is full of target driven individuals who, for the most part, forget that they are dealing with human beings and in my opinion, that gives the industry a bad name and I felt that three out of the four interviews I attended were with those kind of recruitment agencies.

That’s when I began to think there must be room for someone like me…..someone who wanted to treat candidates and clients as people, not targets to be achieved!  So in July 2016, with a friend I have known for 20 years and worked with at my previous company, we started Simpson Dean Ltd.

I was tasked with speaking to companies and Shelly, my business partner, was tasked with speaking to all of the candidates. However, within the first two months I managed to get 20 active jobs on board (mostly based in Buckinghamshire) and Shelly came to me to say “HELP ME FILL THEM!”

Since we launched the business we have successfully filled 28 permanent positions and have managed to get 17 temporary candidates out working and, with all of our registrations being done remotely via video technology, I’m delighted to say this has proven to be very successful.

I am still busy focusing on growing the business in Kent and we continue to successfully fill positions and, although I can’t mention their name, we are delighted to be on the ‘Preferred Supplier List’ of one of the biggest employers in Kent.

Advantages of Folkestone

There is so much happening in Folkestone and I am very excited to be a part of it. The commuter links into London are fast and reliable and the regeneration of the town is encouraging.  I believe it’s a town that will continue to grow in success and that will encourage more people and businesses to move here which will hopefully result in the need for a good recruitment agency.

Funding Support

Shelly and I have funded Simpson Dean Ltd from the beginning, but perhaps we can benefit in the future as we continue to grow.

Support / Networking

I regularly attend the Shepway Business Advisory Board meeting which is amazing.  I have met a group of people who really care about the future of Folkestone.


You need to care about the environment you are working in to make a collaborative success. Get yourself out there and do everything you can to meet with like-minded businesses in the local businesses in the local area.