The Big Ideas Show

The Big Ideas Show

The Big Ideas Show

The BIG IDEAS Show is a podcast and YouTube show discussing the missing link between knowledge and action; how to understand your motivation and find peace in productivity. It is run and hosted by Liu Batchelor, of LVB Creative as part of her mission to help people align their vision and values; both personally and in business.

The BIG IDEAS Show hosts weekly guests from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to talk community, inspiration, curiosity and goals.

Location – Folkestone

The BIG IDEAS Show hosts local Folkestone professionals and business with the aim of exploring topics that have impact in the local area – and also further afield.
Liu chose to return and set up her enterprise here, having grown up in Folkestone and moved away, thanks to Folkestone’s thriving creative digital culture. Folkestone has a wonderful community; small enough to form real relationships with others, yet large enough to allow growth and opportunities, generating a buzz around its future potential!

Advantages of Folkestone

The BIG IDEAS Show needs people with BIG IDEAS. Folkestone has this mentality. People with big ideas, big vision, big goals and, importantly, people who are taking action towards these. That means there is a plentiful supply of people who are perfect to get involved with the show, as well as some hugely supportive sponsors who recognise what we are achieving.
There is a close community that means, whilst you are working, you are also building relationships around shared values. You end up with not just colleagues, but friends who have some incredible drive and inspirational qualities.

Support / Networking

Having a support network is crucial to the BIG IDEAS Show, both in a practical sense and to help realise its vision and values. Liu is based at The Workshop, which provides great support, as well as being involved with Ladies Who Latte and the Creative Foundation.

Establishing TEDx Folkestone also allowed Liu to create a network of people who were both passionate about the event and the values behind it. Meeting such people has been critical to the development and success of both The BIG IDEAS Show, and other projects LVB has taken on.Support / Networking


Remain true to your vision. There is no point creating a company that you don’t enjoy working in, that you become a slave too.

If you’re ever unsure of what your vision is, then get into action, talk to people and experiment! Take a growth mindset. You will either naturally be pulled into something you like, or find yourself doing something you don’t like, or that doesn’t work. From there, you know what ‘not’ to do, and can pivot into something more positive. There is something to learn from every situation.

Just remember, your answers aren’t in your head, they are out there, in the world.

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